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Thoughts and prayers  / Mary Miles   Read >>
Thoughts and prayers  / Mary Miles
I pray for your family all the time, but especially today. I hope you feel little Christopher in your hearts and have memories to make you smile up at him! Close
This message is for Charitee.  / Julio Cuesta (adopted grandfather )  Read >>
This message is for Charitee.  / Julio Cuesta (adopted grandfather )
Charitee please respond by clicking on my name within this message. Would very much like to find out more about Christopher's life when he was a toddler. Thank you. Close
chris / Kira Rowell (friend)  Read >>
chris / Kira Rowell (friend)
i miss & love you. Close
Dear Charitee St.Aude (Christophers foster sister)  / Michelle Christian (Adopted mother :) )  Read >>
Dear Charitee St.Aude (Christophers foster sister)  / Michelle Christian (Adopted mother :) )
Charitee St.Aude (Christophers foster sister)...Thank You so much for sharing some of your experiences of Christopher with us that meant so much to me and truly made my day a better one considering this is the day Christopher left this earth! I appreciate you taking your time to let us know some of the things Christopher would do while he was with you :) I'm so very sorry to hear of your mother "Mama Flo" which Christopher called her and you are right she is now with Christopher how lucky she is to be with him and how lucky he is to now have her:) I hope u do understand that she's now in a far better place than we are here but I want to extend to you my deepest condolences for your lost young lady and to let you know how truly happy I am that you shared your story of Christopher with us! You are so lucky to have some of his toys I wish I had Christopher's spider man toy or even his teddy bear and I don't blame you at all I would hug kiss and sleep with that teddy bear continuously every night until the good lord took me you are so so so very lucky to have those little reminders of him (I'm jealous) lol anyways thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing so sorry about your mother God Bless you all those who love Christopher as much as I do! RIP lil man sleep Preciously until we all meet you in heaven...Michelle Loves you 4444EverrrrrrrrrrrRRR :) Close
This message is for Charitee.  / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )  Read >>
This message is for Charitee.  / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )
Charitee please respond by clicking on my name within this message. Would very much like to find out more about Christopher's life when he was a toddler. Thank you. Close
Your Truly Missed Lil Bro  / Charitee St.Aude (Foster Sister )  Read >>
Your Truly Missed Lil Bro  / Charitee St.Aude (Foster Sister )
I love and miss you more&more each day babbi boy the 3 years you lived with me and my mother Florine St.Aude was a blessing but she died a few days ago i know she in heaven with you now yall are both my little angels Christopher was a happy lil boy hes smile lite up the whole room i use to tell this lil boy everything even though im lik 5 grades higher than him but i mean he would really listen and respond when i use to leave the house for school he would be watching me from the screen he always told me no fighting no pushing and behave at school my mother which he called "mamma Flo" she loved him dearly well i still have hes spider-man toys and the lil bear he use to always sleep with he left at my house i sleeps with it every night and kiss it before i go to bed..... I got to see him when hesd step mom brought him by the house my mother wasn't there and she never got to say goodbye but now shes in heaven with him.... christopher was a joy when i was he always found a way to bring me up i love that little boy with all my heart and hes dad still kept  him in touch with us when he finally went home hes dad and that little red sport car (lol) We always knew who that was when we say that car...I still cant believe hes not here but one day i will meet up with my little brother.even though he was my foster brother i still love him as i love my own...We also had hes other broth Lederek Keith in our home then two together was trip. I love
You Christopher And Always Know You Have A Place In My Heart.(GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN)
A bright sunshine  / HAROLD TURNER (FRIEND)  Read >>
A bright sunshine  / HAROLD TURNER (FRIEND)
jesus is my light he carries me through when times are dark and no way to see ahead he is my light my bright sunshine leading me on to a better place with no pain or suffering my heart is still filled with tears for you even though i never knew you you are my little brother you are a light to others shining for all to see so this can never happen again may you rest in jesus arms dear little bro and may god bless your family Close
What a lovely little boy God has now.  / Caroline Reid   Read >>
What a lovely little boy God has now.  / Caroline Reid
Came across Christopher's story after looking at a missing children's site.
Bless his sweet heart. My heart is torn and broken about this little one no longer sharing that sweet smile to us hear on earth.
I am a mom of two little boys age 6 and 4 and can not even grasp with huge loss for his family and close friends.
Though it's late I send my sincere condolences to you.

Though the years have passed
You are never forgotten
Your sweet smile is now for Jesus and the angels to see
And the way you left sheds no shadow on the short time that you where here.
Little one rest in his arms forever. Close
My condolences...  / Danielle McDaniel (None)  Read >>
My condolences...  / Danielle McDaniel (None)
Hello.I just happened upon some recent news about this case. Previous to today I have not heard about it. I live in Jesup & my fiance works in Brunswick so I am suprised to not have seen anything about it before. I saw a picture of this precious little boy & decided to read on. First off I am soo sorry for your loss. I am no relation to Christopher but I read this story and am sitting here bawling my eyes out. I have 4 children of my own and to think about this makes my heart so heavy. I just wanted to say that I am praying for your family. RIP Christopher :) Close
You're safe now in God's arms, Christopher...  / SeanJohn (None, other than being from the same state, and being profoundly affected by his story. )  Read >>
You're safe now in God's arms, Christopher...  / SeanJohn (None, other than being from the same state, and being profoundly affected by his story. )
I found this story by chance on the internet when looking for videos of child abuse PSAs. I was years late in finding out about this (I live in Georgia but nowhere near where this happened). I bare absolutely no relation to the child familial or otherwise and hearing this story still managed to reduce me (an almost twenty year old man) to a sobbing tearful mess.

How many children will be victims of violent crimes like these before Georgia realizes that people convicted of crimes against children ARE NOT and WILL NEVER be fit to mingle within normal society... especially around the only ones of us who are truly innocent: our children.

It's up to us to look after the little ones. We have the power we just have to wake up and realize what it is that we're doing wrong.

Mei the good Lord keep you always Christopher. You're safe now.

-SeanJohn Close
A Poem for Christopher  / Sandra Cooper   Read >>
A Poem for Christopher  / Sandra Cooper

One night on my computer
I came upon a page
And in that very second
My life forever changed
A little boy with eyes so bright
So innocent and pure
And as I read his story
And all that he endured
My heart it felt such sadness
He touched my very soul
This little boy so precious
Was only six years old
Christopher Sweet Baby
Your loved and missed so much
By even those you never knew
Your life so deeply touched
Fly High Sweet Precious Angel
Spread your wings and soar
Heaven is your playground
Your safe forever more

Visited Your resting place.  / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )  Read >>
Visited Your resting place.  / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )
Christopher visited Your resting place yesterday it had been raining and cloudy. As I got closer to Your place the clouds went away and the rain stopped.
It was so great visiting Your place again. Looking forward to the day that we meet.
Mei God continue to Bless the entire family of Christopher Michael Barrios Jr. Mei the Lord help them all cope with their loss. Close
Chistopher changed our lives for ever  / Sam Lyons (Adopted Uncle )  Read >>
Chistopher changed our lives for ever  / Sam Lyons (Adopted Uncle )

To all who shall ever read this please know that when some one says the loss of your child is the hardest thing you will ever doesn't just mean your own blood child. Chistopher may have been born in to this world to Mike and Trena and raised by Mike and Paula but after 8 Maart 2007 he belonged to us all. What started as a small group of caring individuals looking for a "lost" little boy developed in to a devoted family searching for "their" child. The tragedy we all faced when we discovered that our search had been in vain and that monsters had stolen Chris's life away is nothing compared to Mike's Trena's Paula's Mama & Papa Rodriguez's but our pain has remained just the same. I will for the rest of my life regret that I was not able to fulfill my promise to the family and the community to "bring this baby home" but I will forever cherish the temporary bond that I shared with so many loving and caring devoted individuals in such a moment of tragedy. To all of Chris's family both blood and adopted through tragedy I will for ever salute you for yor dedication and devotion during that devestating time. At times we all leaned on each other and propped each other up but we kept going and though we were unable to bring it to the end we all hoped and prayed so hard for we created a bond between us that time cannot destroy. To all of Chris's families...I will forever salute you all with the utmost respect and admiration and to changed my life without ever seeing me or speaking to me...that is very powerful and not even Spiderman has that kind of power but you little buddy will always be my super hero! God's grace & love to all

Sam Lyons

Safety Officer

Camp Liberty

Baghdad Iraq


RIP Lil Christopher  / Julie Beiler (Friend of michelle's )  Read >>
RIP Lil Christopher  / Julie Beiler (Friend of michelle's )
I lit a candle for Lil Christopher and all I could do was cry which i still am. I can't imagine the hurt his family is going through till those bastards receive their justice he will never truly be at peace u r in my prayers and thank you for bringing this to the light. So many childrens lives go by unnoticed I can't imagine what it would be like to lose one of my children God bless and RIP Lil Christopher Close
God Bless you sweet angel!  / WENDI CLOUTHIER (FRIEND OF MICHELLE'S )  Read >>
God Bless you sweet angel!  / WENDI CLOUTHIER (FRIEND OF MICHELLE'S )

 Here is a poem that I found for you...."When God calls little children to dwell with him abovewe mortals sometimes question the wisdom of his love.For no heartache compares with the death of one small child who doesso much to make our world seem wonderful and mild.Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his foldso he picks a rosebod before it can grow oldGod knows how we need them and so he only takes but few.To make the land of heaven more beautiful to view.Believing this is difficultstill somehow we have to try. The saddest word mankind knows will always be goodbyeso when a little child departs we who are left behindmust realize God loves children and Angels are hard to find".

                     Dearest Christopher Mei God bless you and keep you safe always!  You have touched alot of people's hearts and will always be loved and thought of in a special way. My thought and prayers are always with your family members and friends.I know my dear friend Michelle Christian loves you very muchyou have a special place in her heart and you are her guardian angel!   Rest In Peace Christopher! Your friend always   Wendi Clouthier in OgdensburgNew York


3 yrs has now past!  / Michelle Christian (Adopted Mother )  Read >>
3 yrs has now past!  / Michelle Christian (Adopted Mother )

Hello angel thoughts of how you died continue to consume me You will always be within my heart nomatter what time of day or year to date I will never ever forget what you had to go through in order to reach heaven life isn't fair at all with the things you had to go through in your young little life only God has all the answers I Just hope you know how much I truly love you and think about you you will never leave my heart I take you where ever I go only someone as precious as you could have an effect on me this huge for you are special and will continue to fill my heart with images of your angelic face! I love you deeply Christoper more than words can explain and more than feelings could ever express! You are the one the only one who I will ever again in life feel about this way about I will never again allow another childs murder to hurt me the way yours did I simply can't this feeling sucks and I just can't be burdened with it ever again it hurts much too bad  I love you with all my heart and will continue praying for your family i'm certain this is a rough time for them gosh you are one special little boy you have touched sooooooooooo many lives with your warm little smile what it is about you I don't know but you have brought an enormous amount of people togeather who love and care about you in the same ways that I do! Fly high angel higher than all the other angels you are and always will be my endless love 

Michelle Yvonne Christian

In Memory of an Angel  / Jason   Read >>
In Memory of an Angel  / Jason

Dearest Mike and Paula.  I can't imagine how badly you two must be hurting.  The pain you have to deal with each and everyday I'm sure is just the same as it was the first day. Words can not even begin to express the sadness I feel for your little boy.  It's very hard to believe that we have such evil around us all each and every day ones that would harm such innocent children.  By looking in the eye of all the pictures of Christopher you can tell he was a very happy and well loved child.  Always always remember how much he loved you and that he's watching over you from a much better place and continues to give you strength to cope with his loss.  Remember God never gives you more than you can handle.  God Bless You and stay strong.


Christopher's Birthday Poem  / Sandra Cooper (Friend)  Read >>
Christopher's Birthday Poem  / Sandra Cooper (Friend)
Januari the 2nd
What a day this will be
A Birthday Party
Like none ever seen
In Heaven above
Christopher's Nine
The littlest Angels
All stand in line
Shaniya and Somer
Stand to his right
While Alex with Angel Wings
Takes off in flight
Giggling and laughing
Like he does everyday
When all of them gather
Together to play
Come on Christopher
He say's with a smile
Today is your Birthday
Play for a while
Here in Heaven
We're safe from all harm
For God is holding us
In his Loving Arms
Christopher smiles
That Silver smile
And say's Alex
In a little while
It's time to cut
My Birthday Cake
And before we can play
I have a wish to make
He closes those beautiful
Angel eyes
And say's Father give comfort
To my family they cry
I want them to smile
And have peace in their Heart
To know that in Spirit
We are never apart
The love that they gave me
When I was alive
I will triple in Heaven
The day they arrive
And to all those that loved me
And that I never knew
Know that I hear you
And I love you too. Close
Happy Birthday Christopher  / Sandra Cooper (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Christopher  / Sandra Cooper (Friend)
Sweet Angel I wanted to wish you a Happy 9th Birthday in Heaven and tell you just how much you mean to me. Since the day I first saw that beautiful smile of yours you captivated my heart and your little Angel spirit is so strong the connection is unbelievable. When I look at your pictures I smile and I cry. In my Fifty years on this earth no one has affected me like you have. I have those gorgeous eyes of yours engraved in my soul and I will never ever forget you. I will carry you in my heart till the day we meet in Heaven. You and your family are always in my Prayers Christopher and I love you so very much. Have a fun Birthday Party and Heaven baby and tell all the little Angels I send my love. Close
To Christopher  / Melanie (friend)  Read >>
To Christopher  / Melanie (friend)
Dear Christopher I am so sorry nobody was there to help you sweet boy. Now you are with the angels and Jesus honey. God bless you sweet sweet little one. Close
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