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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Christopher M. Barrios, Jr. who was born in Glynn County Georgia on  January 2, 2001 and his life was taken  March 08, 2007 at the age of 6. We will remember him forever. 


rising into the sky
lifted by gods hand
you were sad
you were lost
but then came
ten thousand angels
from every corner of heaven
cradling you guiding you
loving you
a dance in heaven
that none had ever seen
wiping your tears
you began to smile
that smile
that silver smile
that brightens our sad days
that lifts us
carries us
through the rough times

Tributes and Condolences
Thoughts and prayers   / Mary Miles
I pray for your family all the time, but especially today. I hope you feel little Christopher in your hearts and have memories to make you smile up at him!
This message is for Charitee.   / Julio Cuesta (adopted grandfather )
Charitee please respond by clicking on my name within this message. Would very much like to find out more about Christopher's life when he was a toddler. Thank you.
chris  / Kira Rowell (friend)
i miss & love you.
Dear Charitee St.Aude (Christophers foster sister)   / Michelle Christian (Adopted mother :) )
Charitee St.Aude (Christophers foster sister)...Thank You so much for sharing some of your experiences of Christopher with us that meant so much to me and truly made my day a better one considering this is the day Christopher left this...  Continue >>
This message is for Charitee.   / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )
Charitee please respond by clicking on my name within this message. Would very much like to find out more about Christopher's life when he was a toddler. Thank you.
heres a teddy bear for you little bro  / HAROLD TURNER (brother in christ )    Read >>
Your Truly Missed Lil Bro  / Charitee St.Aude (Foster Sister )    Read >>
A bright sunshine  / HAROLD TURNER (FRIEND)    Read >>
What a lovely little boy God has now.  / Caroline Reid     Read >>
My condolences...  / Danielle McDaniel (None)    Read >>
You're safe now in God's arms, Christopher...  / SeanJohn (None, other than being from the same state, and being profoundly affected by his story. )    Read >>
A Poem for Christopher  / Sandra Cooper     Read >>
Visited Your resting place.  / Julio Cuesta (Adopted Grandfather )    Read >>
Chistopher changed our lives for ever  / Sam Lyons (Adopted Uncle )    Read >>
RIP Lil Christopher  / Julie Beiler (Friend of michelle's )    Read >>
More tributes and condolences...
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His legacy

Christopher Michael Barrios, Jr.  was an energetic and articulate little boy who loved Spiderman, Batman, Ben-10,  and a stray cat in his neighborhood he had adopted and named Jimmy. Before going to bed each night, Christopher would tell each and everyone of his family members "Goodnight, God Bless, I Love You." His smile could light up a room and the whole world was his playground. He is survived by his father, Christopher Barrios Sr.; his mother, Latrina Keith; stepmother Paula Anderson;  six brothers, Jordan Barrios, Brevin Barrios, Laderek Keith, Nathan Anderson, Austin Anderson, and Cameron Coleman; two sisters, Valencia Dallas and Christina Barrios; grandparents, Sue and Luis Rodriguez, Geri Strickland Wadel and Sharon Mathis; uncles, Frank Barrios, Charlie Barrios and Johnny Haymans; and an aunt, Jodi Leyva. 



this is his brother Brevin Barrios

Christopher and Stepbrothers

Christopher & baby brother Jordan

memorial site where Christopher's body was found

Christopher's kindergarten class
field trip to the fair

a tree planted in Christopher's memory


here is a link to the memorial page for Christopher
sponsored by his stepmother Paula Anderson


this is the link to the memorial video created by Valerie Gill and Paula Anderson This video was shown at Christophers visitation and his funeral
this is really emotional (you will need kleenex)

there are 9  videos on you-tube 
2 memorial videos and the other 7
are  from the news
they are sponsored by  oxycotton30
please go and comment and rate these videos
we must make a change 
one person can make a difference
justice for Christopher

this is a link to another beautiful Christopher Barrios memorial page
sponsored by Mike Barrios (dad) and Paula Anderson(stepmom)


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